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Builtwell Builders Offers Free New Construction Seminar

Come Ask the Experts!

By Bridgit Mulpeter

Building a new home, or just adding on to an existing home, can be an overwhelming process. From budgeting, to design, to choosing the right flooring, an experienced, professional builder can help you make the best choices for your project.

Since 1986, Daniel Niekrewicz of Builtwell Builders, Inc. has been providing high quality residential construction. His company has built 23 custom stick built homes in the Northern Dutchess area, as well as many more additions, decks, porches, and outbuildings.

Builtwell Builders is a small company that believes in the superiority of stick built homes, using quality materials from the ground up. In a very competitive home building market, Builtwell Builders’ philosophy is straightforward: integrity, reliability, precision and hard work. Because of Dan’s belief in quality, he limits the number of jobs he undertakes to ensure that his company’s attention to quality and detail doesn’t get lost in taking on too many projects at one time. Whether building a 1,300 square foot cottage or a 4,000 square foot Victorian, Dan says, “I treat everyone’s house as though I’ll be living in it. If I think something is sub par, I can’t sleep at night. Quality is priority”.

Knowing that people who are building a new home have many questions that should be answered by professionals, Builtwell Builders is sponsoring a New Construction Seminar on Wednesday May 23rd, from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. at 1061 Turkey Hill Road in a custom Builtwell home in Red Hook. The seminar will address all the phases of new home construction, from land options, to materials, to designing a home that complements its environment. The seminar will also feature guest speaker Joe Murphy, a loan officer at Ulster Savings Bank, who will discuss financing new home construction. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and learn all they ever wondered about building a new home.

Any attendee at the seminar who contracts Builtwell Builders to build a new home will receive a $5,000 upgrade to use in the kitchen or bathroom. The $5,000 can be used towards an appliance, countertop or flooring selection.

At the seminar, Dan will answer questions about the many advantages of building a custom, stick built home. One benefit of custom building is that the client can change a design plan while the home is actually being built. “Sometimes,” Dan says, “it’s hard to tell on paper how a design will actually turn out until it’s built. With a stick built home, you can customize as you go along”. Another advantage to a stick built home is that fewer trees need to be cut down at the building site. Builtwell Builders strives to keep the lay of the land compatible with the new home, keeping as many trees as possible and causing minimum disruption to the land. Also, Dan points out that all the components of a stick built home are tied together to make a solid structure. “Plus,” Dan adds, “there’s nothing like the excitement of watching a home being built from the ground up”.

Dan is very conscious of the time and money his clients invest into a new home and endeavors to get a project completed as efficiently as possible. Over his years in the business, Dan is confident that he has found the most skilled subcontractors to work with that will get the job done to the client’s satisfaction and in a timely fashion. From excavation to the finishing details, Builtwell Builder’s turnaround time on a new home is about 6 months.

Dan is sensitive to new trends in building and has seen a shift in what people want to concentrate on in their new homes. More money is being spent in kitchens than ever before. People are asking for bigger kitchens with higher end appliances and granite countertops. They are also asking for custom details like moldings, hardwood floors and higher end fixtures.

Another trend in building has been the incorporation of outdoor living spaces at their homes, like decks, patios or porches that extend the home into the outdoors. In these outdoor areas, the use of composite materials, like Trex, has become increasingly popular since the material looks like wood but is maintenance free and very durable.

In an effort to keep up with the latest trends in home building, Dan recently attended the International Home Builders Show in Orlando, Florida that included 1900 exhibitors. “It was an incredible experience to learn about all the new products and innovations heading our way,” Dan says, “I’m excited to learn about the latest products and convey them to my clients as options in the decision making process”.

Builtwell Builders is also exploring the current focus on “Green Building”, using materials that are environmentally friendly like soy based insulation and geothermal heating and cooling systems. Dan is also checking into becoming certified to build New York Energy Star labeled homes, using technologies that will enable homes of any size to use 30% less energy than the average home.

Dan hopes that people who are looking at the option of building a new home will take advantage of the Builtwell Builders’ free New Construction Seminar. “Sometimes people just don’t know how to get started,” Dan says, “I hope this seminar will educate people about the process and give them an opportunity to ask a lot of questions in an open forum”.

For more information about the company, visit their website at, which is currently being updated. To contact Builtwell Builders about the New Home Construction Seminar, or about building a new home, addition, deck, porch or garage, call 845-756-3600. Dan can also be reached on his cell phone at 845-519-7015.

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