Carmela & Frank Campanalla

We were so fortunate to have met Dan Niekrewicz of Builtwell Builders. Having never built a home before Dan took charge and made the entire process stress free. We have now enjoyed our home for almost a year and are loving everything about it. Quality workmanship, integrity & diligence are some of the words best to describe this builder.

Slyvester & Leonore Silverstein

Dan was a joy to work with. From start to finish he handled every fine detail. His guidance and expertise made building a home stress free and FUN! We would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a builder.

Ludmilla Bardina & David Milstein

It is our great pleasure to write about Dan Niekrewicz, the principal contractor of Builtwell Builders, Inc.

Dan was highly recommended by the Realtor, Margaret Mondello, who helped us to find the land for our home. He has lived up to this recommendation in every way.

The building of a new house is a very complex and precarious process. To successfully address the number of questions and problems related to all aspects of construction such as budget, cost of supply, terrain, time/schedule, regulatory issues etc., the contractor and client must completely depend on each other and develop “a trust” among one another. In addition, building a new house is a truly creative process, demanding that both parties make a resourceful team, working in agreement and mutual support.

Meeting Dan and having him build our new home was one of the very best things that happened to us in our life. Dan maintains extraordinary personal and professional consistency and integrity. The quality of his work from the structural elements to the fine finishes is flawless. Our friends and visitors constantly admire the excellence of Dan’s work.

We can not thank Dan Niekrewicz enough for creating this house for us. It’s dry at all times, warm and economical in terms of heat in the winter and cool (even without air conditioner) in the summer. The house is visually beautiful and structurally rock-solid.

What has also become evident to us is Dan’s character, humility and humanity. He is a pleasure to know and even a greater delight to depend during the construction process. As a result of our happy experience with Dan Niekrewicz, Builtwell Builders, Inc., three years after we moved in to our new home we have recently asked him to undertake the task in doing the finishing work in the basement of the house. We are very happy that Dan Niekrewicz agreed and put this new project in his busy schedule.

We enthusiastically and whole-heartedly recommend Dan Niekrewicz, Builtwell Builders, Inc. to those who are inspired to have their Dream House become a reality.

Jason DuBraski

I wanted to take the time and communicate to you how happy we are in our new home. When we first embarked on our journey to have a quality, stick-built, custom home constructed, many friends and family spoke of "horror stories"/negative experiences they them selves have had or heard of. Some said they had heard of such a project being so strenuous that it had even ended marriages!

Our experience with you was nothing like the above. In fact, the project went so smoothly that my only concern was that it was going so smoothly!

The end result was a beautiful, quality, home that receives compliment after compliment from our visitors. Your skill and craftsmanship, with attention to detail, is obvious throughout the entire home.

I appreciated your expertise, feedback, and guidance with several key decisions along the way. Most of all, it was a pleasure to have peace-of-mind knowing we were working with someone with both talent and integrity.

Julia E. Speicher, M.D.

I am writing to thank you for the perfect job you did in building our three room addition with the 920 sq. ft. porch, back deck, paved walkway, and of course installing the 'spa tub.' Without a doubt, you have far exceeded our expectations! You completed the project as promised in four months and this was done without a single delay or problem (to us). You took care of everything, giving us great peace of mind. Our guests love the addition, all commenting that they wish they could have a similar living space! Everything you have done has been positive, but most of all we appreciate your honesty and trustworthiness - a rarity in this day and age.

Again, we thank you, highly recommend you and hope that many others will benefit from the truly professional service you have to offer.

John and Joan Dolen

We wanted to thank you and compliment you on the many outstanding qualities you displayed while working on the addition and renovation to our home We are very pleased with the quality of the work performed. We are thrilled with our additional space.

Living in a house while work of this magnitude was being performed brought many challenges We appreciate your efforts to minimize the impact on our daily lives. You, John and Barana were always pleasant and professional We all miss not having you around.

Your planning and business handling of this project was outstanding At the start of the project you gave us an estimate including cost and Wm to completion Even with the magnitude of this project your estimate was incredibly accurate Additions often bring surprises and our job was no exception Your knowledge and experience was instrumental in resolving these surprises in a timely, cost effective and high quality manner

You were a pleasure to deal with. Your work was outstanding and completed with great pride Your planning was accurate It is unusual to have a contractor that displays all of these qualities We feel very fortunate that we chose you to perform the addition and renovation to our home.

Bob and Deanna Gorecki

This is a short note expressing our feelings related to the construction of our new home in Milan, New York in 2004.

We were completely satisfied with the performance of Builtwell Builders. The project was kept within budget and finished on time. Quality materials were used and the workmanship was extremely good.

Danny Niekrewicz has a good working relationship with his crew and working along side them assured a quality job.

Subcontractors speak highly of Danny and expressed his high standard of quality. They also mentioned that if they wanted to work for Danny, they knew they had to keep their commitments.

Danny had built a house for our daughter and son-in-law about 10 years ago and they along with us were impressed with the work of Builtwell Builders.

When selecting a contractor for our new home, we were glad that Danny was available, and we were also completely satisfied with the home he built for us.

Would we recommend Builtwell Builders? Absolutely!

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